Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Teacher's Gift Tutorial

An Apple for the Teacher...And a cup of coffee too!
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To make these fun teacher's gifts, you will need the following supplies:

apple hand soap
Starbucks gift card
Starbucks card sleeve
gingham ribbon
red cardstock
white cardstock or Avery labels
 Start by placing a piece of tape to the back of the card. 

 Tape the card to the inside of the Starbucks card sleeve. 
(you do this so it doesn't fall out!)

 next, take your cardstock of Avery labels and print something nice like 
a thank you to you child's teacher, principal, aide or lunch lady.

 Attach the printed cardstock to the front of the Starbucks sleeve with glue

 If using labels, disregard the glue step.

 Next, cut a fancy border with either scalloped scissors or a cricut machine. Glue it on top of the printed message.
If you don't have access to those, just go back the the previous step and place a larger red cardstockcardstock so it creates a red border. rectangle UNDER the white label or

 It should look like this.

 Cut or punch a hole in the corner of the sleeve making sure not to damage the card inside. 
Thread the gingham ribbon through,

 And tie a pretty bow!

 Aren't these so CUTE?! And so Easy!
Visit BubbleCrumb.com for fantastic step by step recipes!

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