Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pantry Re-Model

I have totally re-modeled my pantry!! 
Life is so much easier now!

Here is what my pantry looked like before the pantry re-model:

 Not horrible, but definitely not better homes and gardens quality!

 I started this 2 day + project by removing EVERYTHING from the pantry and threw out or gave away anything I didn't use.

Then I soaped, sanded and primed the shelves for the new paint color. I chose a med gray color I purchased at ACE hardware.

 When the pantry was all dry, I jarred almost everything. No boxes are really allowed except for cake mixes, jello ect.

 I used a shower basket to hold dip mixes ect.

 I absolutely LOVE these under shelf baskets (click HERE to get some) for holding paper plates, napkins and lunch bags!

 Love this idea...Do away with the cereal boxes!! You don't need them and I have like 10 different cereals here!!

 Large canisters with all my baking needs are essential! With cooking and baking everyday and for www.bubblecrumb.com You know how fast I go through staples like flour, sugar and chocolate chips!!

 Everyone who sees my pantry asks me about these can holders! They are very inexpensive. You can find them HERE

Another fun idea is using different size jars for snacks and perishables like nuts. I like to use jars with sealed lids like these Click Here

 This is a cute label I created for my flour(s)!

 If you like these, I can create a set for you! any 4 custom pantry labels for $25

They are SUPER cute right?

Just contact me at: 
Please write Pantry in the subject line.



  1. Love Love Love this! Makes me actually want to cook something!! And I don't cook!

  2. That's great Joyce!! Hope you get Inspired!!

  3. Ooh, I love your pantry too! I wish I had a pantry this size! Mine is really just two cabinets :(

  4. After the "clean up" I noticed how much extra space I had! Amazing what cleaning up can do! hehehe

  5. I love this so much! I am so inspired!

  6. Niki~ Do you know the size those Michael Graves containers? I have the 3.4 quart ones, and was wondering if they came any bigger. I'd like to put my pancake mix in a larger one. Thanks~

  7. Love this! Newest follower from ladybug linky party!